TortoiseGit for 64-bit Windows.


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git for Windows

TortoiseGit vs TortoiseSVN

TortoiseGit vs TortoiseSVN: What are the differences?

Developers describe TortoiseGit as “The Power of Git in a Windows Shell“. It is a Git revision control client, implemented as a Windows shell extension and based on TortoiseSVN. It is free software released under the GNU General Public License. On the other hand, TortoiseSVN is detailed as “The coolest interface to (Sub)version control“. It is a really easy to use Revision control / version control / source control software for Windows. It is based on Apache™ Subversion (SVN)®; TortoiseSVN provides a nice and easy user interface for Subversion.Since it’s not an integration for a specific IDE like Visual Studio, Eclipse or others, you can use it with whatever development tools you like, and with any type of file.

TortoiseGit can be classified as a tool in the “Git Tools” category, while TortoiseSVN is grouped under “Code Collaboration & Version Control”.

Last modified: December 12, 2022



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