CTRL + ALT + DEL On Remote Desktop

How do I Ctrl Alt Delete in Remote Desktop? CTRL + ALT + END Now on your host machine (A), press and hold the CTRL and ALT keys on your physical keyboard and then press the DEL key on the on-screen keyboard. That’s one way to do it. You can also open the on-screen keyboard on computer B and then type CTRL + ALT + END, which... » read more

Extend Timeout on Windows Failover Cluster Manager

Windows -> Server Manager -> Tools -> Failover Cluster Manager -> Roles -> Select Role -> Other Resources -> Select Resources -> Properties -> Properties tab “Lease Timeout” field – default to 20000 (20 seconds) “HealthCheck Timeout” field – default to 30000 (30 seconds)

Cluster and Failover Setup

Setup: Failover Cluster Manager (Windows) Always On High Availability (SQL Server) Note: Failover Cluster Manager (Windows) override Always On High Availability (SQL Server). Timeout setup in both Failover Cluster Manager and Always On High Availability.

Creating new IIS web application from IIS Manager.

Open up the “Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager” application. Server -> Sites -> Add Website Input “Site name”. Leave application pool to DefaultAppPool. Input “Physical path” to point to your web application root folder. Input “Port” number.

Install and Uninstall Service Host

Scripts for installing and uninstalling service host on Windows machine. Need to reinstall every time the service is modified and recompiled. InstallService.bat May need to modify the app.config to point the database connection to your database. UninstallService.bat

Windows Failover Cluster Manager

Microsoft Failover Cluster Manager (MSFCM) is a specific management function within the Windows Server operating system which is used to create, validate, and manage failover server clusters running Windows Server. A failover cluster is a collection of individual physical servers — or nodes — organized into a group capable of sharing the computing workload of an application.... » read more