Enable Windows Task Scheduler History

Set Task Scheduler History Using Windows GUI Open an elevated Task Scheduler (right-click on the Task Scheduler icon and choose Run as administrator) In the Actions pane (right pane, not the actions tab), click Enable All Tasks History Sources: https://medium.com/techygeekshome/enable-windows-task-scheduler-history-996a601a178c

Allow Inbound Port for Azure VM

From portal.azure.com … Go to “Networking” section of VM. Add Inbound port rule … Port: xxxxx Protocol: Any Note: There maybe firewall port that needs to be open as well. For this, go to “Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security” to add new inbound rule for port xxxxx.

Uninstall Visual Studio

You can also find the Visual Studio Installer in the following location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\Installer\vs_installer.exe Sources: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/visualstudio/install/uninstall-visual-studio?view=vs-2019

Add a User to Local Administrator Group

Add user to local administrator group via computer management Step 1: Press Win +X to open Computer Management Step 2: In the console tree, click Groups.Computer Management\System Tools\Local Users and Groups\Groups Step 3: Right-click the group to which you want to add a member, click Add to Group, and then click Add. Step 4: In the Select Users (Computers, or Groups) dialog box, do the following: To add a... » read more

Allow Access to Use Remote Desktop Connection

Note: You can also add the user to the local Administrators group. This will give them remote desktop access. Allow Access to Use Remote Desktop Connection Before Remote Desktop can be used, permission has to be granted to the specific accounts that you would like to Allow to connect to your computer remotely.  This is typically... » read more

Troubleshooting Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC)

Make sure the “Distributed Transaction Coordinator” service is running in the Window Services. Make sure the Security settings is configured correctly in Windows Component Services. Make sure firewall is not being blocked in the “Allow apps to communicate through Windows Firewall” section of Windows Firewall Control Panel section. If SQL Server Linked Server is setup,... » read more

The partner transaction manager has disabled its support for remote/network transactions.

Error: OLE DB provider “SQLNCLI11” for linked server “xxxxxx” returned message “The partner transaction manager has disabled its support for remote/network transactions.”. Msg 7391, Level 16, State 2, Procedure dbo.xxxxxx, Line 1 [Batch Start Line 14] The operation could not be performed because OLE DB provider “SQLNCLI11” for linked server “xxxxxx” was unable to begin... » read more

Manual Failover of Window Failover Cluster

Use Transact-SQL To manually fail over an availability group: Connect to the server instance that hosts the target secondary replica. Use the ALTER AVAILABILITY GROUP statement, as follows:ALTER AVAILABILITY GROUP group_name FAILOVER In the statement, group_name is the name of the availability group.The following example manually fails over the MyAg availability group to the connected secondary replica: Sources: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sql/database-engine/availability-groups/windows/perform-a-planned-manual-failover-of-an-availability-group-sql-server?redirectedfrom=MSDN&view=sql-server-ver15