Install Entity Framework for .NET Core

Install the Packages Go to Tools and then select -> NuGet Package Manager -> Package Manager Console. You can see the PM> and copy and paste the below line to install the Database Provider package. This package is used to set the database provider as SQL Server You can see the PM> and copy and... » read more

JPG Image SOI Marker Error

Error: Invalid SOI Marker detected in file. Fix: SOI = Start of Image Marker If you are using FileStream to load in image file, make sure to reset the SOI position before you re-load the FileStream object. Examples:

.NET 5 System.Drawing

Note: The System.Drawing namespace is not recommended for new development, because it’s not supported within Windows services, ASP.NET Core, and ASP.NET. Attempting to use System.Drawing classes within one of these application types may result in run-time exceptions and diminished service performance. Recommended alternatives include ImageSharp, SkiaSharp, and Windows Imaging Components. On Windows, System.Drawing depends on the GDI+ native library, which is shipped as part... » read more

Installing .NET 5 for IIS Error: HTTP Error 500.30 – ASP.NET Core app failed to start

Integrate Reporting Services Using the Report Viewer Controls

The Report Viewer controls can be used to integrate Reporting Services RDL reports into WebForms and WinForms apps.  Install the Report Viewer control NuGet package via the NuGet package manager console. .aspx page Authentication with Report Server CustomReportCredentials.cs Sources:

Create a gRPC client and server in ASP.NET Core

Warning ASP.NET Core gRPC is not currently supported on Azure App Service or IIS. The HTTP/2 implementation of Http.Sys does not support HTTP response trailing headers which gRPC relies on. For more information, see this GitHub issue. Sources: Create a .NET Core gRPC client and server in ASP.NET Core | Microsoft Docs

gRPC for WCF Developers

Similarity to WCF Although the implementation and approach are different for gRPC, the experience of developing and consuming services with gRPC should be intuitive for WCF developers. The underlying goal is the same: make it possible to code as though the client and server are on the same platform, without needing to worry about networking.... » read more

Overview of ASP.NET Core Security ASP.NET Core enables developers to easily configure and manage security for their apps. ASP.NET Core contains features for managing authentication, authorization, data protection, HTTPS enforcement, app secrets, XSRF/CSRF prevention, and CORS management. These security features allow you to build robust yet secure ASP.NET Core apps. ASP.NET Core security features ASP.NET Core provides many tools... » read more