Read-Only Domain Controller (RODC)

Read-Only Domain Controller or RODC is a type of domain controller which holds a read-only copy of active directory database. Why We Need an RODC? RODC is deployed in branch offices because of the following important reasons. Physical security is not guaranteed in branch offices so read-only DCs are preferred instead of write-able DCs. If... » read more

Allowing Additional Host/App to Send Email on G Mail Server

By default, Google mail server will deny sending email from their servers. To enable additional host/application to send email you must add additional host/application records to the routing email section. If you try to send an email from your application without setting this up, you will get the following error message: “5.7.1 Invalid credentials for... » read more

MyDomain setup for Azure Websites

Nameservers Setup Change the default from… to… Otherwise Azure Portal will not be able to confirm your domain name. DNS Records Add the following DNS Records… Record Name Content A * xx.xx.xx.xx A @ xx.xx.xx.xx A www xx.xx.xx.xx CNAME www TXT A