Shrinks the current database’s specified data or log file size. You can use it to move data from one file to other files in the same filegroup, which empties the file and allows for its database removal. You can shrink a file to less than its size at creation, resetting the minimum file size to... » read more

Shrink Database Log Files in Always On

Need to create transaction log backup on primary server to shrink the log file. The replica server log file will automatically shrink. Might need to backup the transaction log a couple of times and wait a while before the log file will automatically shrink. Sources:

Differential Backup

How do the differential backups work from a restore perspective? Depending on your backup schedule and the time when the failure occurred would dictate the detailed steps that would need to be taken.  If you need to have your current SQL Server databases back up and running, then the full backup would be restored followed... » read more

Reducing Size Of SQL Backup

Reducing Size of SQL Backup Is your database in “Simple” recovery mode? If so, it’ll produce a lot less transaction log entries, and the backup will be smaller. Recommended for development – but not for production. If it’s in “FULL” recovery mode – do you do regular transaction log backups? That should limit the growth... » read more