Copy Data from PROD to DEV

PROD DB -> Localhost DB -> DEV DB Create database on Localhost On Localhost, create Linked Server to PROD DB Copy data from PROD DB to Localhost DB Once the data is in Localhost, create a SQL backup of the Localhost database Copy the backup file to DEV DB and restore the database to DEV... » read more

Windows Check Disk Space Usage

Settings -> System -> Storage -> Select a Drive Storage Usage will tell you how much space you are using broken up by category. You can also enable “Storage Sense” to automatically free up space by getting rid of files you don’t need, like temporary files and content in your recycle bin.

Visual Studio All Packages Yellow Triangle Warning

Issues: All Packages show the Yellow Warning icon. Fix: Got to Package Manager Settings and click on "Clear All NuGet Cache(s)" Go to Package Manager Console… Sources:

SSRS and Large Datasets

Note: Do not attempt to select more than 1 million rows into the resulting Excel Spreadsheet or the data selection process may run out of memory. Large reports present certain processing challenges and require certain configurations if they are to run properly. Large reports should not be run on demand unless they are configured to... » read more