Event name should have at least 3 parts separated by slash

Error: Error in Visual Studio when trying to publish project. Event name should have at least 3 parts separated by slash Fix: This specific error happens when you are not logged in to the Azure account in VS (the account that contains the Function app). To work-around this issue: You can go to File ->... » read more

Visual Studio Keyboard Shortcut

Key Action F5 Build Crtl + K + C Comment Line Crtl + K + U Uncomment Line Crtl + M + O Collapse All Crtl + Scroll Up Zoom In Ctrl + Scroll Down Zoom Out Printable Sheet Click to get our printable keyboard shortcut cheatsheet for Visual Studio Sources: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/visualstudio/ide/default-keyboard-shortcuts-in-visual-studio?view=vs-2019

Manage User Secret

File Location (For Local Development Environment) C:\Users\user01\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\UserSecrets\e13a4f3c-0111-4fcc-bba1-11d7e67a1b6d\secrets.json Example Note: Need to create the same entry in configuration when deploying application to Azure. Each project will have a user secret file. Change the name of the project will create a new user secret file.

Install SSIS for Visual Studio 2019

https://www.mssqltips.com/sqlservertip/6481/install-sql-server-integration-services-in-visual-studio-2019/ Adding the SSIS Projects extension to the Visual Studio 2019 When Visual Studio is opened, we click on “Continue without code” to add the necessary extension: In this window, we click on “Extensions” > “Manage Extensions”: In the search bar of the opened window, we type “Integration Services” to easily locate the extension. From the appeared list we choose “SQL... » read more

Secret Manager Tool for .NET App

This document explains how to manage sensitive data for an ASP.NET Core app on a development machine. Never store passwords or other sensitive data in source code. Production secrets shouldn’t be used for development or test. Secrets shouldn’t be deployed with the app. Instead, production secrets should be accessed through a controlled means like environment... » read more

Visual Studio All Packages Yellow Triangle Warning

Issues: All Packages show the Yellow Warning icon. Fix: Got to Package Manager Settings and click on "Clear All NuGet Cache(s)" Go to Package Manager Console… Sources: http://pratikvasani.github.io/archive/2016/02/24/Nuget-package-reference-issues/ https://stackoverflow.com/questions/46833402/what-do-yellow-warning-triangles-mean-on-dependencies-in-visual-studio-2017