Blazor Page Lifecycle

Here’s the Blazor components lifecycle: All Page Load Events Sources:

Blazor OnClick Events

Button: onclick Drop Down List: onchange Drop Down List: onchange Textbox: onchange, onblur Button: OnClick vs OnClickAsync Sources:

Blazor Server Side vs Client Side Debugging

Server Side Debugging Breakpoints can be reached from within Visual Studio. Client Side Debugging Breakpoints can not be reached within Visual Studio. Need to setup Breakpoints from within browser debugger. (Shift + Alt + D) Note: For Client Side Debugging, you may need to run browser in debugger mode using command line. You will see... » read more

Debugging Blazor WebAssembly App from within Browser

Client Side Debugging Make sure the Startup Project is set to MyApp01.Client project. Not the server project. Run debugger and press Shift + Alt + D Error message will pop up saying unable to find debuggable browser tab. Copy the command line code and run in command console. A new browser will be launched in... » read more

Web Api Help Pages

Setup Note: When setting up Web Api Help Pages, make sure to enable it in your app, else the description field will not work. Go to Areas\HelpPage\App_Start\HelpPageConfig.cs. Around line 36, you’ll want to make sure you uncommented the line as below: Go to Project=>Properties=>Build. Under Output, make sure the “XML documentation file” box is checked,... » read more

MaxReceivedMessageSize Error

Error: WCF Client returns the following error … System.ServiceModel.CommunicationException: The maximum message size quota for incoming messages (65536) has been exceeded. To increase the quota, use the MaxReceivedMessageSize property on the appropriate binding element. Fix: Note: This is a client setting, not a server setting. For WCF Test Client Right Click on “Config File” ->... » read more

Blazor Dependency Injection

Overview of dependency injection Dependency injection is a best-practice software development technique for ensuring classes remain loosely coupled and making unit testing easier. Registering injectable dependencies When a Blazor application runs through its start up code, one of the things it does for us is to configure a dependency injection container. The dependency injection container... » read more