IP Address Lookup API

IPStack https://ipstack.com/ IPAPI.co https://ipapi.co/ Sources: https://www.learmoreseekmore.com/2020/12/users-ip-geolocation-blazorwebasm.html

Secure Azure App Service Web API via Restriction Rules

Note: This will not work with a Blazor Client app because the call to the web api will be from the browser of the client. By setting up access restrictions, you can define a priority-ordered allow/deny list that controls network access to your app. The list can include IP addresses or Azure Virtual Network subnets.... » read more

Create a gRPC client and server in ASP.NET Core

Warning ASP.NET Core gRPC is not currently supported on Azure App Service or IIS. The HTTP/2 implementation of Http.Sys does not support HTTP response trailing headers which gRPC relies on. For more information, see this GitHub issue. Sources: Create a .NET Core gRPC client and server in ASP.NET Core | Microsoft Docs