Update Stored Procedure in Entity Framework

Go to Model browser. MyStoreProc is the name of the stored procedure (as an example). MyStoreProc will appear in 3 places. 1st place- Under Complex Types -> as MyStoreProc_result 2nd Place- Under Function Imports -> as MyStoreProc 3rd Place – Under Stored Procedures/Functions -> as MyStoreProc Delete all three from model. Save the edmx (by... » read more

Web Photo Width, Height, Size

When you upload an image, WordPress not only uploads the original image, it automatically creates three resized images for you: a Large version (default 600px) a Medium version (default 300px) a Thumbnail (default 150px) Width Height Ratio Size WordPress Large 600 WordPress Medium 300 WordPress Small 150 Facebook Download 960 720 1.33 109 KB Google... » read more

Partition columns for a unique index must be a subset of the index key

Error: Column ‘xxxxx’ is partitioning column of the index ‘PK_xxxxxxxx’. Partition columns for a unique index must be a subset of the index key. Could not create constraint or index. Solution: Since both biTable01Id, dtStartDateTime columns are in the partition column, both must be in the Primary Key column as well.

Create Index Status Monitor Progress

Starting with SQL Server 2014 a new troubleshooting capability is to monitors real time query progress with the DMV sys.dm_exec_query_profiles which is the base for Live Query Statistics new functionality for SQL Server 2016, there are two ways to enable real time query monitoring: Session scope: By enabling SET STATISTICS XML ON; or SET STATISTICS PROFILE ON;... » read more

Increase Performance of Existing Stored Procedure

Execution Plan in SSMS Run Stored Procedure in SSMS with “Execution Plan” enabled. SSMS will recommend index to be created. Improve Query Statement Convert subqueries to main queries. Note: This may not always increase performance. Have to run the both queries side by side to test.