Update Stored Procedure in Entity Framework

Go to Model browser. MyStoreProc is the name of the stored procedure (as an example). MyStoreProc will appear in 3 places. 1st place- Under Complex Types -> as MyStoreProc_result 2nd Place- Under Function Imports -> as MyStoreProc 3rd Place – Under Stored Procedures/Functions -> as MyStoreProc Delete all three from model. Save the edmx (by... » read more

Web Photo Width, Height, Size

When you upload an image, WordPress not only uploads the original image, it automatically creates three resized images for you: a Large version (default 600px) a Medium version (default 300px) a Thumbnail (default 150px) Width Height Ratio Size WordPress Large 600 WordPress Medium 300 WordPress Small 150 Facebook Download 960 720 1.33 109 KB Google... » read more

Partition columns for a unique index must be a subset of the index key

Error: Column ‘xxxxx’ is partitioning column of the index ‘PK_xxxxxxxx’. Partition columns for a unique index must be a subset of the index key. Could not create constraint or index. Solution: Since both biTable01Id, dtStartDateTime columns are in the partition column, both must be in the Primary Key column as well.

Create Index Status Monitor Progress

Starting with SQL Server 2014 a new troubleshooting capability is to monitors real time query progress with the DMV sys.dm_exec_query_profiles which is the base for Live Query Statistics new functionality for SQL Server 2016, there are two ways to enable real time query monitoring: Session scope: By enabling SET STATISTICS XML ON; or SET STATISTICS PROFILE ON;... » read more