Install SSL Certificate on Azure Web App

To secure your site, extract the files from and on your computer and upload them to your server. Here is a list of the most common server types and how to install SSL on them. If you created a CSR and private key in-browser during SSL activation, you will find in your downloads folder. How to install an... » read more

Error Using Microsoft Identity Platform Entra (Azure Active Directory) for App Sign In

Error: You get the following error when setting up your web application to use the Entra (Azure Active Directory) for authentication… AADSTS50011: The redirect URI ‘https://xxxxxx/authentication/login-callback’ specified in the request does not match the redirect URIs configured for the application ‘xxxxxxx’. Make sure the redirect URI sent in the request matches one added to your... » read more

Azure AD is now Microsoft Entra ID

Microsoft has reamed Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) to Microsoft Entra ID for the following reasons: (1) to communicate the multicloud, multiplatform functionality of the products, (2) to alleviate confusion with Windows Server Active Directory, and (3) to unify the Microsoft Entra product family. References: