FROM SSISDB.catalog.catalog_properties 
WHERE property_name IN 
                           , 'VERSION_CLEANUP_ENABLED'
                           , 'OPERATION_CLEANUP_ENABLED'
  • If VERSION_CLEANUP_ENABLED is set to FALSE, enable it.
EXEC catalog.configure_catalog VERSION_CLEANUP_ENABLED, TRUE
EXEC catalog.configure_catalog OPERATION_CLEANUP_ENABLED, TRUE
  • Update the RETENTION_WINDOW to the number best suited for business. For example, if the business requirement is to retain the operation maintenance records for 100 days, update the RETENTION_WINDOW property to 100.
EXEC catalog.configure_catalog RETENTION_WINDOW, 100

Note: Changing the RETENTION_WINDOW setting will cause background purging which will may fill up the SSIS database log file.


Last modified: November 11, 2022



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