1. Please open the below linkĀ https://aka.ms/getTSS

2. Copy the zip file to the Server

3. Unzip the contents of tss_tools.zip to a folder

4. Open PowerShell as Administrator

5. Change to the directory where the files were extracted

6. Run the following command: .\get-psSDP.ps1 Cluster

In case if this command does not work please try .\tss SDP:Cluster
7. The tool will start collecting the logs, please wait until all the modules finish

8. You will get a confirmation message once the diagnostics are completed. The location and name of the resulting zipped file will be displayed. The default path is C:\MS-DATA


Open PowerShell to Admin mode..and change directory to psSDP folder
cd C:\TSSv2\psSDP

Get Cluster Logs
.\get-psSDP.ps1 Cluster

Get SQL Server Logs
.\get-psSDP.ps1 SQLBase

Last modified: April 7, 2022



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