To enable anonymous access:

  1. Select (Settings) in the Confluence navigation
  2. Choose Global Permissions in the left-hand panel
  3. Click Edit Permissions
  4. In the Anonymous Access section, check the box under Use Confluence
  5. Click Save all

To allow anonymous users to see user profiles, check the checkbox in the View User Profiles section. You need to grant the Use Confluence permission to grant the View User Profiles permission.

Once the global permission is set, each individual space also needs to be set for anonymous access.

Note: On Confluence Cloud we have two options to allow external contacts to have access to the instance: anonymous access or public links. They cannot be active at the same time, which means when the anonymous access functionality is on it is not possible to see the public links option to be activated, and vice-versa.

The anonymous access option provides read-only access to the site visitor who does not log in and consequently does not need to be licensed. After enabling anonymous access on the site, you or any space admin will be able to make any space on this site accessible by anonymous users — which means anyone on the internet. If you want to share an entire space, but have a few pages that you’d like to keep private from those external contacts, you can apply page restrictions. Also, it is possible to allow anonymous access on your instance but restrict it for each space individually, by disabling its permissions on the Space Permissions page.

The public links option creates a unique URL that directs to a view-only version of an individual Confluence page that can only be accessed through the public link — also without needing to pay for an extra seat on Confluence. Public Links are a great way of sharing just some pages with people outside your organization. This option does not make the space public, only the pages for which you’d have created the public link. 

Public Links Section

The following needs to be disabled in order for anonymous access to work.


Last modified: May 26, 2021



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