Create SendGrid Account

Install the package

The recommended installation uses the NuGet package manager. Run the following:

Alternatively, you can download the SendGrid C# .NET library directly from our Github repository.

Send your first email

The following is the minimum needed code to send an email:

// using SendGrid's C# Library
using SendGrid;
using SendGrid.Helpers.Mail;
using System;
using System.Threading.Tasks;

namespace Example
    internal class Example
        private static void Main()

        static async Task Execute()
            var apiKey = Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("NAME_OF_THE_ENVIRONMENT_VARIABLE_FOR_YOUR_SENDGRID_KEY");
            var client = new SendGridClient(apiKey);
            var from = new EmailAddress("", "Example User");
            var subject = "Sending with SendGrid is Fun";
            var to = new EmailAddress("", "Example User");
            var plainTextContent = "and easy to do anywhere, even with C#";
            var htmlContent = "<strong>and easy to do anywhere, even with C#</strong>";
            var msg = MailHelper.CreateSingleEmail(from, to, subject, plainTextContent, htmlContent);
            var response = await client.SendEmailAsync(msg);
Last modified: May 24, 2021



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