When trying to add server to Availability Replicas, you get the following error…

Failed to obtain cluster information.  Either the specified instance of SQL Server is not running on a Windows Server Failover Cluster (WSFC)node, or the user lacks sysadmin permissions on the SQL Server instance to obtain the cluster information. 


1) check always-on is enabled in SQL configuration manager or run SELECT SERVERPROPERTY (‘IsHadrEnabled’);
2) check you are local admin on all nodes 
3) check cluster permission by right click on properties of the  windows cluster in fail-over cluster  manager

Grant Users Limited or Full Access to Windows Failover Clusters

By default, domain admins have full access to a Windows Failover Cluster. All domain users are denied access to a Windows Failover cluster. If you wish to allow a few users to access a Windows Failover Cluster to view cluster resources and its properties, you can use Grant-ClusterAccess PowerShell cmdlet.

For example, to allow User1 of domain to have read only access to a Windows Failover cluster, run below command:

Grant-ClusterAccess -User MyDomain\User1 -ReadOnly

In case you need to give a user full access to the failover cluster, add -Full parameter as shown below:

Grant-ClusterAccess -User MyDomain\User2 -Full

Note: You need to have administrative privileges on the cluster in order to grant cluster permissions or you will get the following error…

PS > Grant-ClusterAccess -User MyDomain\User2 -Full
Grant-ClusterAccess : You do not have administrative privileges on the cluster. Contact your network administrator to
request access.
Access is denied


Last modified: March 15, 2021



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