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MatBlazor brings Material design to your Blazor projects.

The list of components is pretty extensive, including all the standard form inputs you’d expect, plus grids, cards and lots more besides.

You’ll also find DatePickers, AutoComplete lists to save you the hassle of implementing such things yourself.

It also boasts some super handy navigation components (things like nav menus, and “drawers” which your users can choose to show or hide).

Overall this is a really solid component library, in active development and you can’t beat the price!


MudBlazor is “an ambitious Material Design component framework”.

If you’re looking for Date Pickers, Progress bars, Ratings etc. MudBlazor has your back and nearly all of the components use just C# (no javascript, except where it’s strictly necessary).

The vision for MudBlazor is to keep it clean, simple and with a highly customisable modern design. No javascript, just Blazor and CSS.

SyncFusion Blazor UI Components

There are a number of component libraries which, on the face of it, seem “expensive” and SyncFusion is one of them.

Admittedly, value is in the eye of the bolder, and $995 a year might be peanuts compared to the productivity gains you’ll make as a reasonable sized company with more than a handful of developers.

However, it also pays to read the small print, and in this case they offer a community license based on you matching conditions laid out here.

Namely that you’re an individual or company with less than $1 million USD in annual gross revenue and 5 or fewer developers.

In terms of the components themselves, they have a comprehensive collection including small components such as Date Pickers all the way up to rich text editors, word processors and file managers.

Telerik UI for Blazor

Doesn’t boast quite so many components as SyncFusion, but has the basics covered with Date Pickers, Buttons, Grids etc.

Also includes various charts for data visualisation.

Some Blazor component libraries are actually wrappers around javascript components but Telerik’s approach is to build for native Blazor, aiming to use C# as much as possible and only adding JS Interop to the mix as a last resort (or if performance dictates).

Overall this should make for better integration with all aspect of Blazor (and a smaller JS file needing to be shipped to the browser to make everything work).

Various options for data visualization are also included (charts etc).

DevExpress Blazor Components

  • Site:
  • Pricing: Free “for a limited time”
  • Server: Yes (I think) – couldn’t see this listed explicitly anywhere…
  • WASM: Yes (I think) – as above

DevExpress’s library is currently free. However, the big caveat here is in the wording which includes the sentence “for a limited time”, so it’s hard to know where they’ll go with pricing in the future.

In terms of the library itself, it includes essentials like Data Grids, Charts, and various Editors (date pickers etc).

Last modified: February 28, 2021



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