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PM> Update-Database

Updates the “Identity” database to the last migration or to a specified migration.

Note: You will run into errors if there is already existing identity tables from previous versions. Recommend creating a new database to create the identity tables and then apply updates to the existing identity database.

The Update command will create the database based on the context and domain classes and the migration snapshot, which is created using the add-migration or add command.

If this is the first migration, then it will also create a table called __EFMigrationsHistory, which will store the name of all migrations, as and when they will be applied to the database.

Identity Database v5.0.0

  • AspNetRoleClaims
  • AspNetRoles
  • AspNetUserClaims
  • AspNetUserLogins
  • AspNetUserRoles
  • AspNetUsers
  • AspNetUserTokens
  • DeviceCodes
  • PersistedGrants


Last modified: November 25, 2020



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