SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) is a Microsoft Visual Studio environment for creating business intelligence solutions. SSDT features the Report Designer authoring environment, where you can open, modify, preview, save, and deploy Reporting Services paginated report definitions, shared data sources, shared datasets, and report parts. SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) is not included with SQL Server.

Download SQL Server Data Tools.

Install SSDT with Visual Studio 2019

If Visual Studio 2019 is already installed, you can edit the list of workloads to include SSDT. If you don’t have Visual Studio 2019 installed, then you can download and install Visual Studio 2019 Community.

To modify the installed Visual Studio workloads to include SSDT, use the Visual Studio Installer.

  1. Launch the Visual Studio Installer. In the Windows Start menu, you can search for “installer”.
  2. In the installer, select for the edition of Visual Studio that you want to add SSDT to, and then choose Modify.
  3. Select SQL Server Data Tools under Data storage and processing in the list of workloads.

For Analysis Services, Integration Services, or Reporting Services projects, you can install the appropriate extensions from within Visual Studio with Extensions > Manage Extensions or from the Marketplace.



Last modified: November 18, 2020



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