When you upload an image, WordPress not only uploads the original image, it automatically creates three resized images for you:

  • a Large version (default 600px)
  • a Medium version (default 300px)
  • a Thumbnail (default 150px)
WordPress Large600
WordPress Medium300
WordPress Small 150
Facebook Download9607201.33109 KB
Google Photo Download11748801.33318 KB
Azure Blob Large 19607201.33 1,700 KB
Azure Blob Large 26404801.33868 KB
Azure Blob Medium3202401.33 229 KB
Azure Blob Small1601201.33 60 KB
Azure Blob + Google Large640 4801.33 62 KB
Azure Blob + Google Medium320 2401.33 720 KB
Azure Blob + Google Small160 1201.33 52 KB

In WordPress, the photo display quality for 960px vs 640px is about the same with half the size.

Last modified: October 25, 2020



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