Use the Feature Selection page of the SQL Server Installation Wizard to select the components to include in an installation of SQL Server. By default, none of the features in the tree are selected.

Use the information in the following tables to determine the set of features that best fits your needs.

Server componentsDescription
SQL Server Database EngineSQL Server Database Engine includes the Database Engine, the core service for storing, processing, and securing data, replication, full-text search, tools for managing relational and XML data, in database analytics integration, and PolyBase integration for access to Hadoop and other heterogeneous data sources, and the Data Quality Services (DQS) server.
Analysis ServicesAnalysis Services includes the tools for creating and managing online analytical processing (OLAP) and data mining applications.
Reporting ServicesReporting Services includes server and client components for creating, managing, and deploying tabular, matrix, graphical, and free-form reports. Reporting Services is also an extensible platform that you can use to develop report applications.
Integration ServicesIntegration Services is a set of graphical tools and programmable objects for moving, copying, and transforming data. It also includes the Data Quality Services (DQS) component for Integration Services.
Master Data ServicesMaster Data Services (MDS) is the SQL Server solution for master data management. MDS can be configured to manage any domain (products, customers, accounts) and includes hierarchies, granular security, transactions, data versioning, and business rules, as well as an Add-in for Excel that can be used to manage data.
R Services (In-Database)R Services (In-Database) supports distributed, scalable R solutions on multiple platforms and using multiple enterprise data sources, including Linux, Hadoop, and Teradata.
Management toolsDescription
SQL Server Management StudioSQL Server Management Studio is an integrated environment to access, configure, manage, administer, and develop components of SQL Server. Management Studio lets developers and administrators of all skill levels use SQL Server.

Download and install 
Management Studio from Download SQL Server Management Studio
SQL Server Configuration ManagerSQL Server Configuration Manager provides basic configuration management for SQL Server services, server protocols, client protocols, and client aliases.
SQL Server ProfilerSQL Server Profiler provides a graphical user interface to monitor an instance of the Database Engine or Analysis Services.
Database Engine Tuning AdvisorDatabase Engine Tuning Advisor helps create optimal sets of indexes, indexed views, and partitions.
Data Quality ClientProvides a highly simple and intuitive graphical user interface to connect to the DQS server, and perform data cleansing operations. It also allows you to centrally monitor various activities performed during the data cleansing operation.
SQL Server Data ToolsSQL Server Data Tools provides an IDE for building solutions for the Business Intelligence components: Analysis Services, Reporting Services, and Integration Services.

(Formerly called Business Intelligence Development Studio).

SQL Server Data Tools also includes “Database Projects”, which provides an integrated environment for database developers to carry out all their database design work for any SQL Server platform (both on and off premise) within Visual Studio. Database developers can use the enhanced Server Explorer in Visual Studio to easily create or edit database objects and data, or execute queries.
Connectivity ComponentsInstalls components for communication between clients and servers, and network libraries for DB-Library, ODBC, and OLE DB.


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