Jobs are WON and LOST in the interview!  You can turn each negative into a positive and make them work for you. 

Be enthusiastic. 

Assume this is a good opportunity.

Take an active role in the interview.

“Where would you like me to begin?” (Background question)

“What does someone need to bring to the table for this position?”

“Proven tells me that XXX and XXX are important to you and your company–what other things are important?”

Reasons for leaving current or past jobs.


“Originally I went into the company to improve my skills in XXX.   I have been fortunate to have become proficient in this area.  Now I would like to experience XXX and I am excited because I believe your company can meet those needs.”

Concentrate on the big picture.

“What do you see as the career path of someone who is a strong performer?”

Communicate questions that you are career-oriented and have a desire to do a good job.

Strength/Weakness Questions

Tailor your strengths to what they are looking for.

Give strengths and follow up with benefits–what your strength means to them.

Pick a weakness that is not going to have an impact on this position.

“I’d like to improve on XXX.”


Appropriate clothes and appearance.

Solid hand shake.

Eye contact–body language.

Attitude and enthusiasm.


“Money is important but I’m more interested in the terrific opportunity that this will provide.”

I understand that the salary range for this position is XXX to XXX.  I’m sure that if I am chosen that the offer will be competitive, but what I’m really interested in are the objectives we discussed earlier.

If the employer really presses:  “I’m currently making XXX.  Taking into account my skills and character, I see myself in the XXX to XXX range.” Or “I’m currently making XXX, I would like to see something progressive.”

Positive Close

Ask if there are any concerns about your ability to fulfill the role.

Be sincere–let them know you are interested.

Ask when they expect to make a decision and what the next step might be

Ask if there are any other questions

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