Get a free environment for individual use

  • Learn and develop your PowerApps and Microsoft Flow skills
  • Explore and create in a full-featured environment for development
  • Build apps on a single, extensible view of your data with the Common Data Service

What’s included?

You get a free environment for individual use with functionality including premium connectors, the Common Data Service (CDS), and custom connections to develop your skills on creating business apps and workflows.

  • PowerApps: Create and run unlimited apps with CDS and premium connectors
  • Microsoft Flow: Automate workflows between applications and services
  • Common Data Service: Build a data model that all your apps can use
  • Connect Your Data: Connect to data sources using connectors or with Custom APIs
  • Pick your tool: use PowerApps, Microsoft Flow or the CDS SDK to create the solutions you need

The PowerApps Community Plan environment is designed for individual use and is restricted for use by a single user and with no ability to share apps.

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Last modified: March 22, 2019



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