There are two database backup options you can set for the database.

  1. Full Recovery Model
  2. Simple Recovery Model

Full recovery model allows you to restore your database to the last time a transaction was made to the database by using transaction logs.

Simple recovery model only allows you to restore your database since the last full or differential backup was made. It is much similar to maintain then a full recovery model. The trade off is that you can lose data in between backups.

Which type of backup option you use depends on how your database is being used. If it is a high transactional database there data lost is crucial, then use the full recovery model. If on the other hand, if the database is used only for testing and data lost is not that important, then use the simple recovery model. With simple recovery model, you don’t have to worry about transactional logs and their space usage.

Last modified: March 22, 2019



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