After you have point your custom domain to your Azure web app, user will get a “Not secure” warning every time they visit your web app. In order to get rid of this warning message, you need to register and install a valid SSL certificate.

I use a vendor called to get a valid SSL certificate. I select the “PositiveSSL” item for $5.88/YR. It is all I need to validate one domain +

Note: Make sure you are receiving emails for this domain. This is how verify that you own the domain name.

1.Go to and submit a PositiveSSL order item. 
2.Enter domain name to start
3.Obtain private key from the site.  Download directly from browser.
4.Company will send you the cert files in email.
5.Download OpenSSL for Windows
6.Generate PFX (Private Certificates) from Key file and Certificate file.
Provide a password
Private Key (from download) + Certificate (from email) = PFX file (via OpenSSL)
7.Go to → App Service → SSL Settings → Private CertificateUpload pfx file.
8.Bind both and to certificate.Select SNI SSL type.
9. will now be working.

Afterwards, your web app should show a valid certificate.

Last modified: August 22, 2019



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