Qualities of a Bad Manager

This list is still a work in progress. Things I picked up from reading books, articles, and personal experiences.

  1. They don’t provide security for others. “You cannot give what you do not have”.
  2. They take more from people than they give. They focus on finding security for themselves, not instilling it in others.
  3. They continually limit their best people. Hoards power. The better his people are, the more threatened they become. Prevent people from realizing any victories or even take credit personally for their work.
  4. They continually limit the organization. When followers are discouraged, they stop performing and give up.
  5. Act arrogant. They have to be better than anyone else. Act superior to or smarter than everyone else. Act as if others are stupid.
  6. Don’t know their own strengths and weaknesses.
  7. Intimidate others to get what they want. Use fear as a motivator.
  8. Withhold praise and promotion. Hold on to “stars”. Deliberately ignore or isolate some people.
  9. Behave rudely and inappropriately. Show disrespect.
  10. Belittle people in front of others. Humiliate and embarrass others.
  11. Micromanage. Always have to be in control.
  12. Manage up, not down.
  13. Give mostly negative feedback. Criticize often at a personal level.
  14. Yell at people. Blow up in meetings.
  15. Tell lies or half-truths. Withhold critical information. Gossip and spread rumors.
  16. Act above the rules.
  17. Start every sentence with “I”.
  18. Steal credit or spotlight from others. Takes other’s credits.
  19. Distrust most people.
  20. Show favoritism.
  21. Set impossible goals or deadlines.
  22. Never accept blame. Let others take the hit.
  23. Show lack of caring for people. Insensitive and uncaring.
  24. Have sloppy moods and take it out on others when they feel down.
  25. Don’t listen. Interrupt constantly.
  26. Lack patience.
  27. Demand perfection.
  28. Lies and break promises.
  29. Being a jerk.
Last modified: February 24, 2019



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