Epson Receipt Printer

TM-T20II POS Receipt Printer Epson’s cost-effective mPOS-friendly TM-T20II, designed for smaller retailers, is fast, reliable and supports all the leading mobile operating systems including iOS, Android and Windows. It features printing up to 200mm/second, high reliability, multiple ease-of-use features, dual interfaces and print options that reduce paper usage up to 30%.

Pass data from child to parent component in blazor

Child component to parent component communication The parent component assigns a callback method to the child component’s event. In Blazor, to expose an event we use EventCallback. Sources:

Blazor Component: Pass value from child to parent

To pass values from a child to a parent component, see the following. Parent component Child component Sources:

AlwaysOn and Transaction Log

Availability Groups must retain all transaction log records until they have been distributed to all secondary replicas. Slow synchronization to even a single replica will prevent log truncation. If the log records cannot be truncated your log will likely begin to grow. This becomes a maintenance concern because you either need to continue to expand... » read more

AlwaysOn Synchronous vs Asynchronous

Availability modes There are two availability modes, synchronous commit and asynchronous commit. Selecting a mode is equivalent to selecting whether you want to favor data protection or transaction performance. Both availability modes follow the same work flow, with one small yet critical difference. With synchronous commit mode, the application does not receive confirmation that the... » read more

Database Partition and Performance

A partitioned table is one where the data is separated into smaller physical structures based on the value for a specific column (called the partitioning column, which is defined in the partition function). If you want to separate data by year, you might use a column called DateSold as the partitioning column, and all data... » read more