Password Protect Excel File

How do I set up a password on Excel files? This method only works with Windows 10 and beyond versions of Excel. Open up the Excel file you want to protect. Go to File. Then click on Info. Go to Protect Workbook. Then click on Encrypt with Password. Enter and confirm the password you want.... » read more

Excel Auto Fill Columns with Numeric Value

Fill a column with a series of numbers Select the first cell in the range that you want to fill. Type the starting value for the series. Type a value in the next cell to establish a pattern. … Select the cells that contain the starting values. … Drag the fill handle. Sources:

Moving Files in SVN

Use Repo Brower to move files to retain log history of file. Method #1 – Copy files to new folder and delete files in old folder This will not retain history. Method #2 – Move and Drag files to new folder via Repo Brower This will retain history.

Windows Symbolic Links

What Are Symbolic Links? Symbolic links are basically advanced shortcuts. Create a symbolic link to an individual file or folder, and that link will appear to be the same as the file or folder to Windows—even though it’s just a link pointing at the file or folder. For example, let’s say you have a program... » read more

RAM Map RAMMap v1.61 Article 05/11/2022 2 minutes to read 4 contributors By Mark Russinovich Published: May 11, 2022  Download RAMMap (671 KB)Run now from Sysinternals Live. Have you ever wondered exactly how Windows is assigning physical memory, how much file data is cached in RAM, or how much RAM is used by the kernel and device drivers? RAMMap... » read more

Install Latest Service Pack for SQL Server 2019

SQL Server® 2019 for Microsoft® Windows Latest Cumulative Update Cumulative Update Package 16 for SQL Server 2019 – KB5011644 Note: Restart server before and after service pack. For AlwaysOn setup, should be able to leave AlwaysOn in place and update each node server.

Database Hash Warning

A hash warning event means that part of the data processed for a hash operation was written to tempdb. This means that a hash join or hash aggregate has run out of memory and been forced to spill information to disk (tempdb) during query execution, which can degrade the SQL Server performance. While spills are something... » read more

FULL OUTER JOIN The FULL OUTER JOIN keyword returns all matching records from both tables whether the other table matches or not. So, if there are rows in “Customers” that do not have matches in “Orders”, or if there are rows in “Orders” that do not have matches in “Customers”, those rows will be listed as well.

Making Always On More Reliable

Increasing the Failover Maximum failures in a specified period will enhance the cluster service for making more attempts in keeping the role up and working. You can increase Maximum failures in a specified time period to 5 or more. Default is 2 in 6 hours. Failover Cluster Manager -> Roles -> click on resource ->... » read more