Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcut

Key Action Ctrl + F5 Clear Cache and Reload Page Ctrl + Shift + T Reopen Last Closed Tab Ctrl + Shift + Delete Clear Browsing Data Ctrl and + Zoom In Ctrl and – Zoom Out Ctrl + D Bookmark Current Page Sources:

Visual Studio Keyboard Shortcut

Key Action F5 Build Crtl + K + C Comment Line Crtl + K + U Uncomment Line Crtl + Scroll Up Zoom In Ctrl + Scroll Down Zoom Out Printable Sheet Click to get our printable keyboard shortcut cheatsheet for Visual Studio Sources:

Switch SQL Server Edition

Open up the new SQL Server installation -> Maintenance -> Edition Upgrade SQL Server 2019 Standard Edition -> SQL Server 2019 Developer Edition Not supported. Have to uninstall SQL Server 2019 Standard Edition and then reinstall SQL Server Developer Edition. Sources:

Readable Secondary Setup For Always On Among Different Editions

There are many limitations to Always On for Standard Edition, and they are all documented here. Basically, you get to use a single availability database with a single secondary replica, with no read access on the secondary replica. Issue: Unable to setup readable secondary databases on SQL Server 2019 Standard Edition Fix: Upgrade from Standard... » read more

SSIS package deployment SSMS 17 Version Discrepancy Issue

Issue: For some reason, unknown to many in the google-verse, trying to deploy the ipsac file using SSMS 17 causes there to be a version discrepancy with the script tasks (e.g. – “version 15 is not supported in this version of SSIS, etc.).  Two primary options are deploying directly from Visual Studio (I used VS... » read more

Javascript Eval Function

Executes the code it’s passed with the privileges of the caller. Sources:

Dymo Label Web Service

Required in order to print from Javascript web SDK. Note: Make sure the “Dymo Label Web Service” service is running on the computer. Dymo Label Web Service -> Right Click -> Start Service Note: Make sure only one version of the web service is running on the computer. A newer version will interfere with a... » read more