Unable to Join Database to Availability Group

Issue: Unable to join restored database to Availability Group You can create an availability group using the New Availability Group wizard or using a series of transact-sql commands. A common failure can occur when attempting to create an availability group using either method. The error is as follows and is caused because the target primary... » read more

Windows Server Failover Cluster unavailable as Cluster Type

Issue: “Windows Server Failover Cluster” is not available as a Cluster Type option. Resolution: Make sure AlwaysOn has been setup on all nodes. Restart SQL Server services. If none of the above work, try to re-setup AlwaysOn. Remove node from AlwaysOn and then re-add node to AlwaysOn. Restart SQL Server services.

SQL Server RS.exe Utility

rs.exe SQL Server 2012 D:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server\100\Tools\Binn SQL Server 2019 D:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services\Shared Tools\ Error: ‘rs’ is not recognized as an internal or external command Solution: Per MS’s site it’s anticipating this utility to be in “…\Microsoft SQL Server\###\Tools\Binn” so copy the rs files over to: D:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL... » read more

How to scan QR code on your Android phone

How to scan QR code on your Android phone and open up websites. Open up Google Photos. Go to “Modes” tab. Tap “Lens”. Point your camera at the QR code, a URL should appear on the focus area. Tap on the URL to open up the link in the phone’s browser. Note: You can also... » read more

Unable to Connect to Integration Services

Issue: Unable to view SSIS packages via Integration Services in SSMS. Get “Access is denied” when trying to connect to Integration Services service on the computer xxxxxx. Fix: Run SSMS in “Administrator” mode. Then access the SSIS package by connecting to Integration Services instead of the Database Engine.

SQL Profiler: Filter By Database Name

Filter result by database name. Under Trace properties > Events Selection tab > select show all columns. Now under column filters, you should see the database name. Enter the database name for the Like section and you should see traces only for that database. Note: Make sure you show all columns and select database name.... » read more

Failed to find a valid digest in the ‘integrity’ attribute for resource in Blazor app

Error: Failed to find a valid digest in the 'integrity' attribute for resource xxxx with computed SHA-256 integrity xxxx. The resource has been blocked. Fix: Close Visual Studio 2022 Delete the obj and bin folders from all your projects. Start Visual Studio 2022 Rebuild solution. Try Publish again. Sources: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/69926878/failed-to-find-a-valid-digest-in-the-integrity-attribute-for-resource-in-blazo