Using AZCopy to Transfer Azure Blob Data

AzCopy is a command-line utility designed for copying data to/from Microsoft Azure Blob, File, and Table storage, using simple commands designed for optimal performance. You can copy data between a file system and a storage account, or between storage accounts. Download all blobs in a container AzCopy /Source: /Dest:C:\myfolder /SourceKey:key /S Download a file Download... » read more

Mapping Azure Storage File to Windows

Once you have created a “Azure Storage File” folder, you can map it to a drive on your Windows, Linux, or MaxOS computer. Windows Example: 1. Go to the following to get the command line… Azure Portal -> Storage accounts -> File service -> Files > Connect 2. Run the following in command prompt… net... » read more

Adding custom domain name to your azure web app

Go to the Custom domains section of your web application. Add the following host on Azure Portal. A Record CNAME Make sure you have already added an A Record and a TXT to point to your web app. A Record xx.xx.xx.xx TXT Record

SQL Azure Backup Strategy

Traditional SQL Server backup doesn’t apply to SQL Azure. SQL Azure have the following backup features. Copy – Make a copy of the database on the server. Restore – Restore a database from a point in time. Up to 7 days. Look at the “Oldest restore point” value. Export – Create a .bacpac backup file... » read more