SSRS Expression

Field01 String Sum of Field01. If statement. Global Date Currency Switch Running Value Bit Number

SSRS Report Data Panel

In Reporting Services Report Designer in SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT), the Report Data pane displays a hierarchical view of data objects that you can use in a report, including data sources, datasets, fields, parameters, and images. Data sources in this view can be embedded or references to shared data sources that are displayed in... » read more

Visual Studio: Build vs Rebuild

Build solution only builds those projects which have changed in the solution, and does not effect assemblies that have not changed, ReBuild first cleans, all the assemblies from the solution and then builds entire solution regardless of changes done.

Installing Services Application

Command Line Make sure you open up Command Prompt and run in administrator mode. App should now appear in Services. App should now be removed from Services. Batch File InstallMyAppAsService.bat UninstallMyAppAsService.bat Sources:

TSQL Encrypt By Pass Phrase

Encrypt data with a passphrase using the TRIPLE DES algorithm with a 128 key bit length. Sources: