Populate Full Text Index


Create Indexes with Included Columns

By including nonkey columns, you can create nonclustered indexes that cover more queries. This is because the nonkey columns have the following benefits: They can be data types not allowed as index key columns. They are not considered by the Database Engine when calculating the number of index key columns or index key size. An... » read more

Index Seek vs Index Scan (Table Scan)

Index Scan retrieves all the rows from the table. Index Seek retrieves selective rows from the table. An scan or table scan is when SQL Server has to scan the data or index pages to find the appropriate records. A seek uses the index to pinpoint the records that are needed to satisfy the query.... » read more

Full Text Index

Full Text Index vs Index Usually, when searching with a normal index, you can search only in a single field, e.g. “find all cities that begin with A” or something like that. Fulltext index allows you to search across multiple columns, e.g. search at once in street, city, province, etc. That might be an advantage... » read more

Database Sequence

You can either use the sequence in the table definition or insert it later when you insert the row. Sequence vs. Identity columns Sequences, different from the identity columns, are not associated with a table. The relationship between the sequence and the table is controlled by applications. In addition, a sequence can be shared across multiple... » read more

Database Log File Full

Log records that are not managed correctly will eventually fill up the disk causing no more modifications to the database. Transaction log growth can occur for a few different reasons. Long running transactions, incorrect recovery model configuration and lack of log backups can grow the log. Log truncation frees up space in the log file... » read more

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