Add Google Maps to Blazor App

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SSMS IntelliSense Autofill Feature Not Working

Issue: SSMS IntelliSense autofill feature not working after Red Gate uninstall. Resolution: Enable IntelliSense: For all query windows, please go to Tools >> Options >> Text Editor >> Transact-SQL >> IntelliSense, and select Enable IntelliSense. For each opening query window, please go to Query >> Intellisense Enabled. Enable statement completion: please go to Tools >>... » read more

DLL Reference Not Found Error

Possible Fix 1: In solutions with multiple projects, if you get an error with DLL reference not found even though you have the reference project, check to make sure all projects in the solutions are using the same version of .NET. Go to the “properties” section of each project and make sure the “Targeted Framework”... » read more