Currency Type in SQL Server

Money vs Decimal(9,2) Precision defines total length of the number. Scale represents only position of the delimiter. Decimal(9, 2) will store numbers like 1234567.89 that is 9 digits so it will be 5 bytes. Decimal(9,2) = X,XXX,XXX.XX

Remote Desktop Manager

Remote Desktop Manager Free from Devolutions Remove Desktop Connection Manager from Microsoft RDCMan manages multiple remote desktop connections. It is useful for managing server labs or large server farms where you need regular access to each machine such as automated checkin systems and data centers. It is similar to the built-in MMC Remote Desktops... » read more

Detach and Attach Database

Detaching a Database Detaching a database removes it from the instance of SQL Server but leaves the database intact within its data files and transaction log files. These files can then be used to attach the database to any instance of SQL Server, including the server from which the database was detached. You cannot detach... » read more

Backup and Restore Database from Script

Database Backup Database Info Use the following script to get information about the database backup file. Database Restore Note: Folder must be created first. Check Progress Sources:

Shrinking Database Files

Shrinking data files recovers space by moving pages of data from the end of the file to unoccupied space closer to the front of the file. When enough free space is created at the end of the file, data pages at end of the file can deallocated and returned to the file system. To shrink... » read more

SQL Server and Disk IO

An I/O latch wait occurs when a page is accessed for reading or writing but the page is not available in the buffer pool. It causes waits on PAGEIOLATCH_EX or PAGEIOLATCH_SH, depending upon the type of request. These wait types can indicate an I/O bottleneck. You can query the sys.dm_os_wait_statsĀ DMV to find latch wait statistics.... » read more

Speeding up Database Restore

Use the following instead of default restore settings will speed up database restore. Use the following to determine buffercount to set to… MaxTransferSize: 4032 KBBufferCount: 96Sets Of Buffers: 2Total buffer space: 756 MBMemory limit: 1023 MB Max Transfer Size * Buffer Count * Sets of Buffers = Total Buffer Space 4032 * 96 * 2... » read more

Lock Pages in Memory