SOLID principles of object-oriented programming

These were put together by the author Robert Martin, also known as Uncle Bob. S – Single-responsiblity principle O – Open-closed principle L – Liskov substitution principle I – Interface segregation principle D – Dependency Inversion Principle Single Responsibility An object should have one primary responsibility, one reason to exist, and that reason entirely encapsulated within one class. It can... » read more

Dependency Injection

Dependency injection¬†is a technique whereby one object (or static method) supplies the dependencies of another object. A dependency is an object that can be used (a¬†service). It Increases code reusability and improves code maintainability. It allows us to develop loosely coupled code and reduce tight coupling between software components. DI is providing an object what... » read more

Object Oriented Design Concepts

Here are some basic object oriented design concepts one should know or good to know before going into a technical interview for a software engineering position. Abstraction The act of representation a feature without describing the extract detail of the feature. Why it matters: “I don’t really care how you get the data. All I... » read more