bluebird.min.js Unhandled Rejection and WebSocket connected failed for pace.min.js for Blazor App

Error: WebSocket connection to wss://localhost:23443 failed for pace.min.js:2 Unhandled rejection for bluebird.min.js:29 Issue: What is Pace min js? Pace. js is a lightweight (~4kb minified and gzipped) and standalone JavaScript library to create beautiful progress indicators for your page load and ajax request. It automatically monitors AJAX requests, event loop lag, document ready state, and elements on... » read more

Fastest way to shrink database log files

If the database can do with just a simple backup/recovery model, then… Change database from “Full” recovery model to “Simple” recovery model (Database Properties -> Options) Shrink database log file (Tasks -> Shrink -> Files -> Shrink Log Files)

Unable to see a list of job history

Issue: Unable to see a list of past job history. Only see the most recent. Default settings limits to last 1000 records overall and last 100 records per job. Fix: Make sure the Limit size of job history log is not enabled. Else you will not be able to see older jobs history. SQL Agent... » read more