Copy Files Between Two Computers

When copying files between two computer on the network, you can either 1) remote desktop on to the computer and copy there or 2) on your local computer, open up folder with the following location… \\Server01\D$\Folder01 Option #2 coping files from your local computer will be faster.

How to delete large data of table in SQL without running out of log space

Change your database’s Recovery Mode to SIMPLEĀ and then delete rows in smaller batches using a while loop something like this: Keep in mind that logs could grow a lot if you don’t commit the transaction after each chunk and perform a checkpoint. This is how I would do it and take this articleĀ as reference,... » read more

Long running open transactions in a SQL Server database

Query to return long running transactions and cumulative CPU time in MS for open transactions in a SQL Server Database A long running transaction keeps the transaction log active from the virtual log file containing the first log record of the transaction. Truncation cannot occur from that virtual log file onward. It may leads to... » read more

Event name should have at least 3 parts separated by slash

Error: Error in Visual Studio when trying to publish project. Event name should have at least 3 parts separated by slash Fix: This specific error happens when you are not logged in to the Azure account in VS (the account that contains the Function app). To work-around this issue: You can go to File ->... » read more