Windows Tab

Windows+Tab is a similar keyboard shortcut to Alt+Tab. It opens the Task View interface, which offers a thumbnail view of your open windows and even multiple desktops you can arrange them on. It also includes the Windows Timeline, but you can disable it if you prefer. Sources:

Windows + G

Windows 10 includes a “Game bar” that users can bring up with a simple shortcut, Windows key + G, for quick access to gaming features. Sources:

Setting up Certificate for IdentityServer4 in Azure App Service

Error: Publishing a new Blazor app with Identity to Azure App Service giving the following error: HTTP ERROR 500 Fix: Steps: Windows PowerShell (Admin mode) Manage computer certificates Certificates – Local Computer -> Personal -> Certificates Right click on certificate -> Export Enable Password and select “TripleDES-SHA1” Upload pfx file to Azure App Service Get... » read more

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