SQL Profiler for Specific Stored Procedure

Create a new Trace In the “Events Selection” tab, click on “Show all events” and select these… Stored Procedures -> RPC:Starting Stored Procedures -> RPC:Completed TSQL -> SQL:BatchStarting TSQL -> SQL:BatchCompleted In the “Events Selection” tab, make sure the “TextData” is selected and click on “Column Filters” In the TextData column add a filter: Like %uspMySP01%... » read more

Bring Offline and Online Database

Note: Bring database OFFLINE / ONLINE should be a fast process, even for a large database. Users must be disconnected from database before setting the database to offline. Else, use ROLLBACK IMMEDIATE clause. If you run into problem with bring the database back ONLINE, try restarting SQL Server service. If part of Availability Group, need... » read more